Traditional Showrooms Drive Sales in the Digital Age

Over the years, showrooms have proved to be a useful marketing and promotional tool for car, furniture, kitchen and bathroom retailers. They can provide a window into the world of products where customers can find inspiration and bring ideas to life. By enabling customers to effectively test-drive a product, a showroom can also play its part in creating relationships. It’s also become a useful tool across the construction industry, with Planet Partitioning reaping the benefits of their co-working showroom environment in Central London.

The traditional showroom was often ‘one company, one product’, but times have changed. At Workplace House in Farringdon, Planet has created a stunning multi-room showroom which showcases Planet Partitioning’s industry-defining partitioning screens, door-sets and more. This co-working showroom has unified six companies at the forefront of workplace design who specialise in furniture, interiors and technology. Together they have crafted the optimum space for architects and specifiers to experience a life-like environment. Furthermore, the showroom is easily adapted to host events or conferences.

The spaces created mimic the use by a company. From concentration areas to small and large meeting rooms, the different settings provide the client or specifier a flavour of what can be experienced. Unlike a brochure or website, they can touch a partition product, operate a door and see how they perform.

There are a variety of products and finishes available to view in person, including the popular panelled effect glazing and partitioning with a stunning anodised framework finish. Other interesting finishes incorporated into partition systems include concrete finished panels, magnetic write-on glass and tech panels in back painted glass. Timber veneer and moss walls are also displayed providing an aesthetically striking contrast of texture against the glass.

For clients looking for a more customisable privacy option for meeting rooms, switchable glass now lines the largest meeting room area in the showroom, giving a highly transparent effect available. Additionally, this feature can be used to display logos or text. Planet’s premium IsoPro door provides entry to the meeting room, so clients can appreciate the effect of its outstanding acoustic rating of up to 42dB Rw.

Planet’s showroom at Workplace House remains one of the best ways to try, test and get to know a product better. By having a physical location for customers to experience their products, Planet are building trust and taking clients on a journey to ensure they come back for more.