Santander UK HQ

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Products: p100, FireTec, IsoPro
Client: Santander
Sector: Commercial
Architect: Marks Barfield Architects
Contractor: Bluu
Location: London

Santander UK HQ

As one of Santander’s approved suppliers, Planet Partitioning was approached directly by the client to specify internal glass partitions and glass doors for the refurbishment of VIP meeting rooms at its UK headquarters. The project required a visually stunning, premium finish and high sound attenuation levels.

Our solution

Working with Marks Barfield Architects and main contractor Bluu, Planet Partitioning put together the internal specification for the internal glazed partitions and doors. By installing p100 double-glazed partitioning and single and double IsoPro doors in all the VIP meeting rooms, Planet Partitioning achieved the look and the high sound attenuation levels required. In addition, Tech panels were installed to accommodate electronic room booking systems, while the meeting rooms and the restaurant area had matching manifestation detail.

Added privacy was ensured where it was needed most – in the meeting rooms, with three-quarter-high switchable glass division panels. This achieved perfect balance between good levels of natural light and meeting room privacy. FireTec doors on the ground floor help meet the building’s strict fire strategy requirements, while Planet Partitioning selected a polyester powder-coated colour scheme to complement the meeting rooms’ bronze anodised aluminium colour.

To ensure minimum disruption to Santander, the majority of the work was undertaken at evenings and weekends.

Project insights

To ensure a striking finish, the partitioning framework was finished in bronze anodised aluminium. You can never be sure of colour consistency between patches with anodized bronze, but Planet Partitioning’s high attention to detail and strict quality control ensured a consistent look throughout the framework.

This work is part of larger contract that will see Planet Partitioning refurbishing all the internal partitioning in the Santander building and the adjacent retail branch.

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