Monsoon Accessorize HQ

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Products: p100, p20
Service: Architectural Glass
Client: Monsoon Accessorize
Sector: Commercial
Architect: AHMM
Contractor: Laing O’Rourke
Location: London

Monsoon Accessorize HQ

Monsoon Accessorize is a privately owned British company with two internationally renowned clothing brands: Monsoon and Accessorize. AHMM Architects asked Planet Partitioning to provide a specification for all the internal glazing and partitioning for the client’s striking new head quarters, known as the Yellow Building.

Our solution

On the lower ground floor, Planet Partitioning’s demountable p100DG double glazing provides frontage to all executive offices and meeting rooms. This ensures high sound attenuation and provides staff privacy and quiet working spaces. Each office includes pivoting glass doors and above each glass door Planet Partitioning had to cut large circular holes to allow installation of steel air attenuators to circulate air throughout the building.

At the centre of the building, Planet AG installed full-height atrium glazing to the working areas looking directly into the atrium.

On the top floor, Planet AG installed six-metre high glass partitioning that followed the saw tooth pitch styling of the building’s roof. At its highest point, the glass was about six metres high, which meant installing glass partitioning one on top of another. To ensure the glass was secure, Planet’s design team worked with AHMM Architects to devise a spider fitting joint that bolts the glass partitioning securely together.

Work took approximately 12 months to complete.

Project insights

With the bold and striking industrial concrete interior styling of the new Monsoon Accessorize offices, Planet Partitioning installed deflection heads to avoid the use of suspended ceilings, and to allow partitions to move with the building.

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