European Space Agency UK HQ

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Products: M100
Client: European Space Agency
Sector: Commercial
Architect: Wilson Mason
Contractor: Boygues UK
Location: Oxfordshire

European Space Agency UK HQ

The European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters at Harwell Estate is a leading science, innovation, technology and business hub. Boygues UK and Wilson Mason architects asked for Planet Partitioning’s help designing and building a steel-faced partitioning system for the agency’s new four-storey building – fully demountable to give the ESA the required flexibility and acoustic performance for offices and meeting rooms.

Our solution

Acoustic performance was extremely important, but so was the flexibility to demount and relocate steel-faced and glazed partitioning, and change room configurations to accommodate project teams of different sizes.

Working closely with the architect and contractor, Planet Partitioning offered and installed M100, its premium modular partitioning system. For the crosswalls, Planet Partitioning used a solid core panel with a factory-laminated steel-faced panel finish and office fronts with built-in glazed units and door areas. A slim framework ensured a bright, clean and modern look for the meeting rooms and offices, while the steel-faced partitioning allowed the use of magnets to display large documents.

M100 is a highly flexible and customisable modular system and has allowed the European Space Agency to change room configurations and use glass solid panels and doorsets as required – ensuring minimum lead times when changing room configurations.

Project insights

Planet Partitioning is proud to have enhanced offices and laboratories where discoveries can make a big difference globally. The entire building is modular, and Planet Partitioning complemented this with its visually striking and highly flexible modular partitioning system.

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Project highlights

“Your works are progressing very well and everyone is impressed with both the professionalism of your installers and the quality of your product”.

David Murray Bouygues UK