Cambridge Sports Centre

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Products: M100, IsoClear
Service: Architectural Glass
Client: University of Cambridge
Sector: Education
Architect: Arup Associates
Contractor: SDC
Location: Cambridge

Cambridge Sports Centre

SDC & Arup Associates asked Planet Partitioning to draw up the specification for internal partitioning in a new 6,060 sqm gym at Cambridge University. As part of the specification, Planet Partitioning had to separate workout areas clearly from reception and communal areas. Acoustic glazing at high level to follow the curved roof was also a challenge.

Our solution

To ensure high levels of sound attenuation, Planet Partitioning used M100 for the glass partitioning between the gym, communal and reception areas. Slimline glass doors provide a striking and minimalist feel.

M100 double-glazing also features above key structural walls in the sports hall, which houses two full-size courts for basketball, badminton, boxing, five-a-side football, volleyball, netball and other games. The partitioning not only ensures very high levels of acoustic performance, but also follows the curved contours of the ceiling.

To overcome key design challenges, Planet Partitioning and Arup Associates designed the solution with M100 and installed a complete framed, glazed partition in key frontage areas of the gym complex.

Project insights

One of the highlights was installing the large pillars of glass within the multi-sport rooms. The walls were 6.5 metres high and required a combination of teamwork and mechanics to safely insert each panel.

The new gym provides an accessible world-class facility for recreation, training and competition, and brings together hundreds of athletes from the university and the local community.

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Project highlights