Aker Solutions

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Products: p100, p20, IsoClear
Service: Architectural Glass
Client: Aker Solutions
Sector: Commercial
Architect: Keppie Design
Contractor: Bowmer & Kirkland
Location: Aberdeen

Aker Solutions

Aker Solutions is a global Norwegian company that provides products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry. When its new 335,000 sq ft flagship office was being built on the International Business Park in Aberdeen, Bowmer & Kirkland approached Planet Partitioning.

Having just completed another project with them, Planet Partitioning put together a high acoustic performance specification for all the internal partitioning. Creating offices and meeting rooms over 13 floors and a mezzanine to house 2,400 employees, the finished building is C-shaped and includes architectural glass.

Our solution

For the 350 offices and meeting rooms throughout the four floors, Planet Partitioning used a combination of p100 and p20 relocatable partition systems, ensuring high sound attenuation. Full-height single glazed frameless glass doors complement the clean lines of the meeting rooms and offices. A small number of offices and meeting rooms have laminated beech timber doors too. Planet Partitioning installed several atrium glass panels and glazed the recreational areas, including the squash courts. The job was completed over a three-month period.

Project insights

In total, Planet Partitioning installed 1,500 metres of glass and a number of 30/0 fire integrity glass doors in communal areas, to meet the building’s fire strategy requirements.

For the Directors’ offices, sound attenuation had to achieve 44dB Rw, and include integral venetian blinds for added privacy.

Aker Solution’s new Aberdeen offices provide staff with an excellent work/life balance, with modern working conditions and a wide range of on-site recreational facilities, including squash courts, golf courses and dining facilities.

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