Premium, customisable and reliable glazed partitions

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Our glazed partitioning range is highly customisable and flexible. We design, manufacture and engineer every partitioning product we provide, which is why we are recognised as a market leader.


Our 20mm wide, single glazed partition offers a maximum glazed area, coupled with minimalistic perimeter profiles, for a truly frameless look.

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Our narrow 54mm wide framed glazed partition is available in both single and double glazed formats and provides outstanding style with enhanced performance.

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Our 100mm wide glazed partitioning offers superior acoustic performance with a vast range of configuration options, to satisfy even the most demanding of interior design schemes.

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M100 offers a totally versatile solution, with any combination of solid and glazed elements – all accommodated within a common framework.

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Create a definitive authentic aesthetic with narrow framed banded glazing.

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Banded glazing partition that delivers performance and aesthetics without compromise.

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A performance driven, banded glazing partitioning for an industrial style with high acoustics.

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Demountable Partitioning

All of our partitions are demountable, and designed to integrate in a way that ensures optimum performance and visual appeal. The partitioning ranges share common design components, such as 27mm aluminium profile tracks, each retained by our unique pressure-fixed PVC gaskets. This ensures the highest acoustic performance and increases glass stability.

We supply standard head tracks as standard. However, to protect interior fittings, we always recommend using deflection heads. These allow for building movement and make it easier to relocate our partitioning. If required, we can also design and manufacture bespoke deflection heads that allow up to ±40mm movement.

Acoustic and Structural Performance

We rigorously test the impact and acoustic performance of our systems regularly, at accredited test centres, and all our partitioning products are UKAS certified.