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All of our products are renowned for their quality, performance, and for combining advanced functionality with impressive aesthetics. Planet Partitioning has three distinct product groups:


Our range comprises:

p20 – a slimline single glazed partition system
p54 – a design led narrow framed partition system
p100 – a performance frameless system
M100 – a modular partitioning system
LOFT20 – a system creating an authentic aesthetic with narrow framed glazing
LOFT54 – a versatile glazing that delivers performance and aesthetics
LOFT100 – a system providing stunning acoustic performance

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Fire Rated Partitions and Doors

We are proud to offer a complete range of fire rated partitions and doors to meet almost every application. Our FireClear system offers E30 (integrity only) performance using slimline aluminium profiles which complement our non fire rated range. FireStop and FireTec are both suitable for E (integrity only) and Ei (integrity + insulation) fire performance. FireStop offers a durable robust framework in contrast to the minimalistic profiles that are used within FireTec.

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Glazed Doors

We design and manufacture four door ranges:

IsoPro – a stunning 54mm framed, flush, rebated glazed door, offering uncompromising design and performance
IsoClear – an all glass door leaf, for maximum transparency, that does not compromise on acoustic performance
IsoTec – a micro framed glazed door, with up to 34dB Rw sound attenuation
EclipseClear – single and double sliding glass doors – for when floor space is limited
EclipseTec – framed acoustic sliding glass doors, achieving 35dB Rw with soft open and close function
Fire Rated Doors – fire rated E (integrity only), and Ei (integrity + insulation), glazed doors

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