Tech Spec


Technical Information

Framework Footprint (mm) 54mm
Configuration Options Frameless Single Glazed
Frameless Double Glazed
Two Part Deflection Head ±15mm
Glass Joint Options Linea
Silicone ?
Fire Performance Non-Fire Rated
E30 ?
Ei30 ?
E60 ?
Ei60 ?
Maximum Height Office Use 740N 3500mm
Acoustic Performance Multi module (minimum) 39dB Rw
Single module (minimum) 38dB Rw
Multi module (maximum) 46dB Rw
Single module (maximum) 46dB Rw


The fully glazed partition that combines outstanding looks and performance

p54 provides elegant lines, combined with an optimal 54mm wide framework, that is compatible with timber and double glazed doors, to provide stunning flush visuals.

Acoustics UP TO 46dB Rw
Maximum height UP TO 3500mm
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Outstanding looks and performance

p54 can be either single or double glazed. Up to 46dB Rw is achievable in double glazed format. The ideal product to complement p54 is our IsoPro range of double glazed doors, which provide similar acoustic performance to the fixed partitioning, resulting in superb overall wall attenuation.

The ideal product to complement p54 is our SonoTec range of double glazed doors

01 – p54 doorframe shown here with IsoPro acoustic glazed door
02 – Head track has a 54mm wide x 27mm deep profile
03 – Glass to glass joints can be made using Vertex, Nova, Linea or Solar dry joints
04 – Wall abutment profile is 54mm x 27mm to match head and base track dimension
05 – Base track has removable glazing heads for easy relocatability

p54 doorframe shown here with SonoTec acoustic door

Glass to glass joints can be made using Vertex, Nova, Linea or Solar dry joints

p54 base track has removable glazing heads

p54 single or double glazed partitioning

Like all Planet glazed partitioning, p54 has been designed to be optionally configured with two part deflection heads, if deemed as necessary within the building specification. If not a requirement, the p54 head, base and abutment profiles retain the consistent 27mm section height to match both p20 and p100 products.


p54 with a bespoke design

Bespoke Customisation

Offering many design options, p54 framework can be polyester powder coated to any RAL/BS colour choice, or anodised to a satin, black or bronze finish. Inset glass can be tinted, sandblasted, acid etched or coloured using interlayers or paint effects, or, for a simple cost effective option, manifestation applied with images, patterns or colour effects.

Project highlights

"p54 gave us the clean minimal lines we were looking for and the install process went very well too".

Tony Lawrence Harmsen Tilney Shane