Tech Spec


Technical Information

Framework Footprint (mm) 100mm
Configuration Options Frameless Single Glazed 𐄂
Frameless Double Glazed
Panel Glazed
Two Part Deflection Head ±15mm
Glass Joint Options Linea 𐄂
Vertex 𐄂
Solar 𐄂
Silicone 𐄂
Fire Performance Non-Fire Rated
E30 𐄂
Ei30 𐄂
E60 𐄂
Ei60 𐄂
Maximum Height Office Use 740N 3500mm
Acoustic Performance 37-42dB Rw


M100 is our modular partitioning system, used to form combination runs of both solid and glazed elevations

This offers great flexibility, with simple adaptations enabling screens to be changed from glazed to solid, or vice versa. Our full range of deflection heads; ±15mm, ±25mm and ±40mm are compatible as well, meaning there is no need to deal with those awkward detail junctions between a drywall crosswall and a glazed room frontage any longer.

Acoustics UP TO 42dB Rw
Maximum height UP TO 3500mm
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Unparalleled Adaptability

When used as a solid wall system, M100 provides a wide range of options. For a monolithic, seamless look, plasterboards can be installed with a site applied tape and jointed finish – allowing for a final painted decorative finish or alternatively a fabric or vinyl wallcovering to be applied.

01 – Colour coded module trim profiles are used as board joints
02 – M100 shown here with magnetic, dry wipe steel faced boards
03 – Removable M100 top hat trim retains glass in place
04 – Horizontal transom from M100 allows partial height glazing with solid below
05 – 100mm x 27mm profiles are used as a base track

Where future relocatability may be needed, use of our aluminium module trim profiles between panels is encouraged. They allow easy dismantling and can be specified with a range of finishes including magnetic dry wipe boards, polyester powder coated steel faced panels or even real wood veneers. All wall finishes are retained within common perimeter framework, so the transition to modular panel glazing or fully frameless glazing is simple and effective.


Glazing Options

M100 glazed elevations are based around a maximum 1200mm wide module, using 6mm-8mm thick safety glass. With framing on all four sides, high levels of strength can be achieved with relatively slender glass. Its structural style enables it to mirror exterior curtain walling, or, if a frameless look is preferred, M100 solid walling can be twinned with p100 mullion-free glazing which, in highly sensitive areas, can offer enhanced acoustic attenuation to match that of the solid M100 dividing walls.

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