Tech Spec


Technical Information

Framework Footprint (mm) 54mm
Configuration Options Frameless Single Glazed
Frameless Double Glazed
Two Part Deflection Head ±15mm
Glass Joint Options Linea
Silicone ?
Fire Performance Non-Fire Rated
Maximum Height Office Use 740N 3500mm
Acoustic Performance Multi module (minimum) 39dB Rw
Single module (minimum) 38dB Rw
Multi module (maximum) 46dB Rw
Single module (maximum) 46dB Rw


LOFT54 offers high performance and aesthetics, in both single and double glazed options

Delivering impressive acoustic performance in a range of styling options and installation methods, LOFT54 can achieve a notable acoustic performance of up to 46dB Rw uncompromised by its slender 54mm framework.

Acoustics UP TO 46dB Rw
Maximum height UP TO 3500mm
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Choose your original design

LOFT54 allows the specifier to choose from a range of installation methods, depending on the aesthetic they desire. Along with the standard banded glazed partitioning option – where the aluminium trims are applied directly to the glass after installation – a true mullion and transom method is available.

Choose a bespoke design with LOFT

01 – LOFT54 offers laminated or toughened safety glass, to meet required Building Standards
02 – LOFT54 can be polyester powder coated to any RAL colour choice
03 – LOFT54 features refined details at transom to mullion junctions
04 – LOFT54 shown here with an IsoTec glazed door in matching colour
05 – LOFT54 has various glazing bar options – shown here is 15mm version

Available in 54mm

LOFT54 can be polyester powder coated to any RAL colour choice

LOFT54 shown here with an IsoTec doorset in matching colour

Mullions and transoms can be applied after the structure is created to allow for a bespoke design

When opting for the mullions and transom method, the structure is created with the glazing inserted only after the frame has been built. This allows for greater flexibility when designing the layout of the visible bands and the materials chosen for each individual section. This alternative construction method allows for the designer to create any shape they wish, such as a diagonal or checkerboard effect, and further more complement with varying materials i.e. different finishes of glass, timber or metal faced boards.


To compliment LOFT54, use our IsoPro 54mm framed doorset

Customisable aesthetics

To complement the panelled glazing partitioning, use our IsoPro 54mm framed glazed door, for a unified appearance and high acoustics of up to 42dB Rw, or, alternatively, our ultra-slim framed IsoTec door – both of which can be banded glazed to provide continuity.

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