Tech Spec


Technical Information

Door Thickness in mm 16mm
Design Options Metal framed glass door leaf
All glass door leaf
Swing door
Sliding door
Glazing Options Single Glazed
Double Glazed ?
Leaf Options Single leaf
Leaf and a half
Ironmongery Options Lever handles and locks
Pull handles
Self closing floorspring ?
Overhead door closer
Acoustic drop down seal
Fire Performance (single door) Non Fire Rated
Acoustic Performance Minimum non
(single door) Maximum 34dB Rw


Based upon framing of just 16mm thick, our ultra slimline IsoTec glazed door for when style and substance are desired

Featuring a 16mm wide visual frame, IsoTec’s 12mm toughened glass door leaf is surrounded by aluminium. Either match or contrast with the corresponding partitioning’s framework by polyester powder coating it in a vast range of colours, or anodise for a metallic finish.

Acoustics UP TO 34dB Rw
Maximum height UP TO 3000mm
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Aspirational Elegance

Partner IsoTec with any one of Planet’s glass partitioning ranges, p20, p54 or p100. When combined with our 20mm framed p20, the result is a stunning slim framed appearance. As a result of its sleek lines, coupled with acoustic performance, IsoTec glazed door is resoundingly popular with our corporate clients.

01 – IsoTec can feature colour matched ironmongery
02 – Door features a micro, 16mm surround profile
03 – LOFT banding to match 16mm surround
04 – Door features a micro, 16mm surround profile
05 – Colour coded glass door hinges complete the look.

IsoTec framed glazed door is the ideal complement for our LOFT20 glass partitioning range. This industrial style panelled glazing gives a fashionable vibe to any environment. To create a polished yet modern visual, match the width of LOFT system’s bands to the 16mm width of IsoTec’s frame, for perfect symmetry.


Create a lasting impression

Despite IsoTec’s micro-framed perimeter, an effective acoustic attenuation of up to 34dB Rw can be achieved, when acoustic drop seals are added. Use the door for executive office suites or residential properties.

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