Tech Spec


Technical Information

Framework Footprint (mm) varies
Configuration Options Frameless Single Glazed
Frameless Double Glazed ?
Panel Glazed
Two Part Deflection Head ±15mm
±40mm ?
Glass Joint Options Linea ?
Vertex ?
Nova ?
Solar ?
Modular ?
Fire Performance Non Fire Rated
Maximum Height Office Use 740N 2950mm for E
2500mm for Ei60
Acoustic Performance Multi module (minimum) 37dB Rw
Single module (minimum) 37dB Rw
Multi module (maximum) 39dB Rw
Single module (maximum) 39dB Rw


Minimal framing provides impeccable safety and design

Planet's FireTec glazed door and partitioning achieves up to 60/60 (Ei60) fire rating for maximum protection, and is suitable for all environments - retail, commercial, public and residential. The key feature of the product, aside from its superlative fire performance, is the minimal framing that is used, allowing very large expanses of glass, with maximum transparency.

Fire Rating UP TO 60/60
Maximum height UP TO 3070mm (E VERSION)
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The FireTec range is highly configurable and consists of two versions; FireTec E – which is an integrity only system and FireTec Ei – which offers integrity and insulation fire protection. Both guises can provide the specifier either 30 or 60 minutes performance. FireTec E (both E30 and E60) and FireTec Ei30 can be built to accommodate a 3000mm storey height, and the flagship Ei60 can be constructed up to 2500mm.

The highly configurable FireTec doors

01 – Minimal door framing is used around the door leaves
02 – Doors are fitted with stainless steel head rails that are only 90mm tall
03 – Fixed glazing can be combined with glazed doors in both single and multi butt jointed modules
04 – FireTec glazed doors and screens all feature Planet fireglass which is coated transparent, whilst retaining E & Ei fire ratings.
05 – Door stiles are exceptionally discreet and unlike heavy framing systems used on alternative products
06 – Bolt through glass back to back pull handles are available on the FireTec E version

Minimal door framing is used around the door leaves

 FireTec doors and screens all feature Planet fireglass

Exceptionally discreet door stiles

FireTec doors offer expansive areas of clear glazing

FireTec glazed doors offer expansive areas of clear glazing. Discreet 90mm high head and base rails in stainless steel are complemented by minimal meeting stiles, which are only 21mm wide on FireTec E versions and just 25mm wide on the Ei version. Operation of the doors is simple, with stylish back to back pull handles and the doors being set on self closing floorsprings – with FireTec, you can recalibrate your expectations for fire rated glazed doors.


Multiple finishes available with FireTec


Engineered using high grade stainless steel, available in a brushed or ‘bright’ finish, polyester power coated to any RAL/BS colour choice. Security options include: concealed magnetic locks, or electric latch systems, which can be integrated with building management systems. Direct locking options are also available.

Project highlights

"The FireTec fire doors enhanced the overall feel of the space at Ampersand with its minimal framework”.

Tibor Szakaly Darling Associates