Tech Spec


Technical Information

FireClear 20 FireClear 54 FireClear 100
Framework Footprint (mm) 20-27mm 54mm 100mm
Configuration Options Frameless Single Glazed
Frameless Double Glazed 𐄂
Panel Glazed
Two Part Deflection Head ±15mm 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
±25mm 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
±40mm 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
Glass Joint Options Linea 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
Vertex 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
Nova 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
Solar 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
Modular 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
Fire Performance Non Fire Rated 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
Ei30 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
E60 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
Ei60 𐄂 𐄂 𐄂
Maximum Height Office Use 740N 2900mm 2900mm 2900mm
Acoustic Performance Multi module (minimum) 37dB Rw 37dB Rw 37dB Rw
Single module (minimum) 37dB Rw 37dB Rw 37dB Rw
Multi module (maximum) 39dB Rw 41dB Rw 50dB Rw
Single module (maximum) 39dB Rw 43dB Rw 54dB Rw


Protection with flexibility, FireClear offers fire performance of up to 30/15 with minimal framework

The Planet FireClear range of partitioning systems are fully compatible with all other non fire rated systems; p20, p54 and p100. Sharing common aluminium profiles, the systems have been tested with Planet Multi Layer FireGlass to achieve E30 fire rating to provide visually stunning frameless glazed elevations.

Fire Rating UP TO 30/15
Acoustics UP TO 54dB Rw
Maximum height UP TO 2900mm
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Butt Jointed Fire Rated Glazing

Planet FireClear offers the specifier the combination of fantastic aesthetics, in tandem with the security of fully certified E30 fire ratings. Through rigorous research and testing we are able to use our discreet FireClear silicone butt jointing system to provide seamless glazing elevations.

01 – E30 fire performance is achievable using standard Planet components with 50mm head section
02 – Glass to glass joints use minimalistic fire rated silicone joints, fully tested by Planet
03 – FireClear E30 doorsets uses overhead closer to soft close the door leaf
04 – FireClear E30 doorsets can be combined with fixed glazing

In addition to fixed glazing, the FireClear range also includes our stunning FireClear E30 doorset. An all glass fire rated 12mm thick door leaf is installed into our slimline aluminium doorframe to provide 30 minutes integrity only (E30) performance. A range of ironmongery configurations are available to complement the building interior.


Exceptional Performance

FireClear is available in three coordinating versions to our non fire rated systems – p20, p54 and p100. All three are available in single glazed format, and additionally p54 and p100 offer double glazing as an upgrade option. The FireClear range offers outstanding versatility and configuration options, combined with exceptional performance.

Project highlights

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