Tech Spec


Technical Information

Door Thickness in mm 28mm
Design Options Metal framed glass door leaf
All glass door leaf ?
Swing door ?
Sliding door
Glazing Options Single Glazed
Double Glazed ?
Leaf Options Single leaf
Leaf and a half ?
Double leaf
Ironmongery Options Lever handles and locks ?
Pull handles
Self closing floorspring ?
Overhead door closer ?
Acoustic drop down seal ?
Fire Performance Non Fire Rated
(single door) E30 ?
Ei30 ?
E60 ?
Ei60 ?
Acoustic Performance Minimum 34
(single door) Maximum 35


EclipseTec sliding glass doors offer unrivalled acoustic performance without any floor guides

EclipseTec is a top hung acoustic sliding glass door and can be installed with or without a deflection head. EclipseTec incorporates a revolutionary soft open and close function, and a standard keylock or electronic access control device can be included as an option.

Acoustics UP TO 35dB Rw
Maximum height UP TO 3000mm
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Soft Open and Close

The running mechanism of EclipseTec ensures that the opening and closing speed is reduced, resulting in a smooth, controlled movement when transitioning from open to closed or vice versa, and assists with the movement of the door, pulling it into its resting position. This is especially useful when installing double doors, as it ensures that both door leaves move to a completely open or firmly shut position. These features improve safety as well as increasing the operational life of the system.

01 – ±25mm 90mm deep deflection head or standard 63mm deep head track
02 – Soft/auto open and close function
03 – Hook lock with electronic access control
04 – Door leaf parking section with double seals offer 35dB Rw performance without a floor guide
05 – 27mm standard or 50mm floor track – line up perfectly with the bottom of the sliding glass door

Minimal Running Gear

EclipseTec acoustic sliding glass door runs without the need for floor guides to ensure running alignment, or to achieve its outstanding acoustic performance. This guarantees an
uninterrupted floor finish, increasing the aesthetic look, as well as removing the requirement for a dirt trap and a possible trip hazard.

Acoustic Performance

EclipseTec has been tested for acoustic performance in accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2, in a UKAS accredited laboratory, achieving 35dB Rw (using 12.8mm acoustic laminated glass).

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