Planet Partitioning Work Experience

Planet Partitioning Welcomes Work Experience Students to our Head Office

The week before last Planet welcomed 3 Year 10 students to its Head Office in Burgess Hill. The students, who will soon be entering their final year of school, spent the week in each Department of the Company learning practical skills as well as gaining an insight into the day to day workings of a successful partitioning company.

Planet recognise the importance of believing in young people and investing time in helping prepare them for employment. These students will have started thinking about the kind of career they would like beyond school, college or university and wondering what opportunities there are. With the job market being so competitive nowadays, employers look at young peoples’ skills and how prepared they are for employment, as much as their academic achievements. Employability skills include communication, drive, organisation, working with others and problem solving and the earlier these skills are developed, the easier it will be for young people to find a job they are interested in.

Planet put together a programme of engaging activities for the students to provide them with a valuable and rewarding experience, introducing them to the wide range of knowledge within the Company, including health and safety, technical, design, marketing, human resources, production and compliance.

Planet hope the experience enjoyed by the students will go some way to assisting them find their dream job or apprenticeship in the future.

As well as offering work experience opportunities, Planet also employ apprentices, with one employed currently, and work alongside the CITB to ensure they become more knowledgeable, more confident and more committed, hopefully progressing into full time employment with the Company with a promising future.

Employee ability and commitment is key to Planet’s ability to perform and, as well as investing in young talent entering the industry, Planet ensure its current workforce remain focussed and driven through continued training in industry standards and regulation, strengthening knowledge and personal pride throughout.

If you are interested in the subcontracting sector and would like to complete some work experience at one of, our 5 regional offices, please contact us.