Planet Partitioning secure Merrion House refurbishment in Leeds

Planet secure Merrion House refurbishment in Leeds

BAM Construction have started work of the mammoth refurbishment of Merrion House in Leeds City Centre. The 170,000 sq foot, 10 story office block was originally constructed in 1973 and is in need of a significant refurbishment, in addition to an extension, to house employees of Leeds City Council.

The refurbishment will provide space for all the public facing council departments, under one roof, making co-department communication a priority, as well as creating one central hub for visitors to the Council who often need to visit more than one department at a time.

BDP Architects have designed the fit-out with this inter-departmental focus in mind with an open and modern layout. Planet’s Leeds office is excellently placed to provide services for the project, with their own office being a short walk from the site. Working under BAM Construction, Planet have designed the internal partitioning screens and doorsets for the building, and are planning to install a wide range of products including p100DG Acoustic Partitioning Screens, Eclipse+ Sliding Glass Doors, a Curved Glazed Screen as well as several Free Standing Glazed Screens.

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