Go Home Healthy

Planet Partitioning Supports HSE’s Go Home Healthy Campaign

“Together we can shine a light on workers’ health and make sure workers go home healthy now and in the future.”

This is the strapline of the HSE’s ‘Go Home Healthy’ campaign, designed to encourage employers to question their working practises and ensure they are fulfilling the duties imposed on them to protect the health and safety of their workers. See more at: http://www.hse.gov.uk/gohomehealthy/

Planet have decided to ‘shine a light’ on its business and ask, “Do we #Workright for healthy workers and a productive business?”

Did you know that:
• 12,000 workers die each year from work-related lung disease with 18,000 new cases of lung problems being caused or made worse by work each year, with 400,000 working days being lost
each year.
• There were 507,000 cases of musculoskeletal disorders last year, with 9 million working days lost.
• There are 526,000 people suffering from work-related stress, anxiety and depression, which can lead to chronic physical and mental health conditions, with 12 million working days lost
last year because of work-related stress.

All of these occupational health conditions are relevant to Planet’s work and Planet are tackling the issues to reduce the impact of its working practises on its employees.

Below, are the steps Planet are taking in relation to work-related lung disease, which offers a risk to those working in areas where there is a possibility of breathing in dust, gases, vapour and fumes.

Although Planet don’t undertake asbestos related services, it is possible that employees may occasionally work in a building where asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are present. Planet has a clear Asbestos Awareness Policy which seeks to protect employees and other persons potentially exposed. This is achieved by minimising exposure, through the management of ACMs, and ensuing that operatives have attended Asbestos Awareness Training, to ensure they can recognise ACMs and know what to do if they come across them, to protect themselves and others.

Another significant issue attributing to work-related lung disease is dust in its breathable form, Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS), which can lead to many kinds of lung disease, most commonly silicosis. Planet has a written policy and assessment procedures covering the process required when drilling into silica containing materials. This policy includes:

• ‘On tool’ extraction, when drilling with medium level filters or above
• The use of RPE face masks with a P3 filter
• Face fit testing for the RPE
• Restricted access to the relevant working area and requisite ventilation
• Job rotation to limit exposure

Health surveillance of employees who may be at risk of coming into contact with RCS, will be adopted to ensure their continued safety and welfare.

Planet will continue to review and question its processes in a bid to ensure its employee Go Home Healthy.

Organisations can join in with this worthy campaign by using #Workright and signing up to the HSE’s Newsletters.