Planet Partitioning Release RIBA Approved CPD

Glass Partition System Applications and Performance Criteria.

Planet partitioning are delighted to announce the release of our new RIBA approved CPD ‘Glass Partition System Applications and Performance Criteria’. The CPD will cover fire and acoustic performance of our glass, protection against falling and DDA regulations with interesting movie clips showing our own fire and impact tests being carried out. The CPD also covers four out of the ten RIBA Core Curriculum areas:
Access for all: universal/inclusive design
Knowledge level: General Awareness
Being safe: health and safety
Knowledge level: General Awareness
Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering
Knowledge level: General Awareness
Internal management: professionalism, practice, business + management
Knowledge level: General Awareness.

Having already presented our CPD at a number of Architect Practise’s, such as Darling Associates and Fletcher Priest, Planet has received encouraging feedback from both attendees and RIBA.
“I was impressed by the amount of effort that Genghis had put into his material. The presentation covers a wide spectrum of glazing within partitioning and will be advantageous to Architects in learning of the possibilities. It will make an interesting and good CPD” David Preston, RIBA CPD assessor

Anyone who attends the Planet Glass Partition System Applications and Performance Criteria CPD will receive our certificate of attendance as well as the link to the presentation if desired.

For more information or to arrange a CPD at your practise please email:

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