Highly effective fire rated partitioning

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Planet lead the way with a comprehensive range of fire rated partitioning systems and accompanying doorsets, which satisfy the requirement for fully glazed walling whilst offering outstanding fire performance.

There are two fire rating distinctions:

  • ‘E’ refers to ‘integrity’ only. Integrity only fire rated partitioning stops flames but not heat transfer.
  • ’Ei’ refers to ‘integrity and insulation’ – the extent to which partitions will stop flames and heat transfer.

Whatever your needs and preferences, our fire protection partitioning is designed to meet them, with three distinct ranges:


FireTec uses minimal stainless steel framework for maximum visible glass areas to both fixed glazing and doorsets, with fire ratings of up to Ei60 achievable. Ideal for high end retail, commercial and public buildings.

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Available in both framed and frameless versions and with maximum performance of up to Ei120 (120 minutes integrity and insulation).

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Aluminium based frameless partitioning offering E30 (30 minutes integrity only) fire performance, with profiles that match our non fire rated range of systems – p20, p54 and p100.

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All Planet Partitioning fire partitions and doors are certified to BS 476-22.

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