Planet Partitioning and BIM Construction

Planet Partitioning Start Building Information Modelling Role-Out.

This April marks the arrival of the government’s BIM mandate, meaning that all public sector projects will require the implication of BIM Level 2. Planet Partitioning; having recognised the potential benefits this technology offered; started work on an intense programme to ensure our industry leading product range would be at the forefront of BIM based design.

Staying ahead of the curve and setting a precedent for our competition to follow, our full product line can now be supplied in Autodesk Revit for use within your design models. By ensuring our clients can facilitate BIM to its full potential, we recognise the ease of use this will offer and make Planet the obvious choice when working on BIM required projects.

Each system is built with its varying deflection head and glass choice options, the content available has 2D detail information available with fine level of detail to enhance your Section and Plan Drawings. As well as easily customised doorsets; including options of ironmongery; our doors are ready to be imported into your door schedules. NBS information is embedded into all the objects to ensure the smooth addition of our files to our clients’ overall BIM library.

Planet now intend to create content for alternate platforms as well as work with you, our customers, to develop this content to fully fit your needs.

Setting aside the Government’s mandate, Planet recognises how BIM can benefit all public and private sector projects moving forward. Our BIM files will allow for high levels of accuracy in collaboration with all other sub-contractors; optimising efficiency for architects and main contractors. Utilised correctly, BIM should save thousands of man hours per year, it should also mean less wasted materials on site, as any complications with installation should be made apparent during the design process, therefore making BIM an economically viable choice.

Currently less than one in six building service firms servicing the public sector are BIM ready and the industry as a whole is behind on the government’s BIM timetable. However 57% of the industry recognises that BIM will ‘shape the future for building services’.

By being at the forefront of adoption of BIM, Planet are securing their place as market leaders.

Please find our BIM files ready to download here.

For more information on Planet’s BIM files, please contact marketing@planetpartitioning.couk