Planet Partitioning Introduce Company Wide Health & Safety Initiatives

Last year Planet Contracting made the decision to bring all of our health and safety management in-house in order to continuously raise our standards and awareness. This resulted in the appointment of our Health & Safety Director Chris Byng. As part of his initiative to build on our existing conscientious staff culture Planet have introduced our Near Miss Award Scheme. The award is open to all our staff members as a way of encouraging employees to report and intervene on health & safety issues, both on site and in our five regional offices.

The directors will award a gift to the employee that showed the most initiative in spotting and preventing any serious accidents and incidents every quarter.

Chris also hopes that the scheme will encourage our Contract Managers to give more toolbox talks on site when a near miss has been spotted and for all staff to understand the importance of reporting any near misses. By opening the scheme up to all staff members it allows our office based employees to keep up to date on our health & safety procedures.

By introducing this new award scheme alongside Planet’s existing training of site and management staff and regular site visits by Chris, Planet are furthering our commitment to Health & Safety.