2016’s Hottest Office Design Trends by Planet partitioning

2016’s Hottest Office Design Trends

With the New Year well and truly underway many offices are beginning to think of re-vamping their offices. Whether you are wanting to find more space, are planning a move, a total re-vamp of your existing space or just interested in a fresh coat of paint to create a jollier working environment for your staff, these are the 5 trend predictions we foresee as being big in 2016.

Bringing the Outside In

It’s long been recognised that plants improve the quality of air in office spaces and therefore keep brains nice and healthy, but now we are looking towards a whole other area of pot plants. Following on from the social media trend of insta-worthy interiors, you can expect to see hanging plants, cacti and leafy greens popping up in the trendiest offices. Take Paul Cocksedge Studio’s ‘Living Staircase’ in London’s Ampersand building, as a trend leader, and follow our Pinterest board for some extreme green inspiration. An easy way to incorporate this trend yourself is to have a DIY terrarium for your desk.

Bright Colours
The idea of ‘colour therapy’ seems a little outdated now, but with bright, bold colours making a comeback, the old clichés of bright colours being motivational are proving true. Leading the way are Google’s and Facebooks’ new London offices, with the Google offices being a borderline offence on the senses – see their great pics here. You don’t have to aspire to Google’s granny flat on acid interior décor style to use this trend to your advantage though; Pantone’s two colours of the year are a calming soft pink and pastel blue.

Interactive Technology
As we move towards an ever technology savvy world, employees are demanding more technological advancements in their offices. With ‘hot desking’ becoming more and more popular excellent wireless is now expected at work. When planning your office fit out, make sure technology is a key part of your infrastructure planning, with a focus on interactive technology such as multi-media screens, interaction white boards and room booking systems on meeting room doors. Keeping your office technology up with the times is especially important for businesses wanting to attract millennials.

As previously mentioned, hot desking and large open plan offices have become increasingly popular within office interior design over the past few years. However in 2016 we can expect to see a shift back to smaller sectioned spaces as employees crave peace and quiet to get their heads down. A way to combine the benefits of an open plan office and provide your employees with the private space they desire we recommend ‘flexi-pods’. These partitioned spaces can look sleek and modern by using slim frameless glass and can be used for a number of activities. Try dotting these spaces around the office in various sizes and keep their use flexible. Whether your staff use them to read an important document or take a private call, they will appreciate the space.

A ‘Home from Home’ Environment
By far the biggest trend we will see in 2016 is the ‘home from home’ office environment. With the recession over, employers are once again competing to hire the most talented individuals. Eager to show off their brand’s personality, offices will start providing more and more amenities for their staff. A perfect example of this trend is Google’s new London office which has everything from chill-out rooms, a cool street-food style canteen and a gym. A more affordable way to embrace this trend would be to provide bike storage or a great coffee machine for your staff.