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The Changing Face of the Atrium in Building Design 24/02/2020 Uncategorised
Opening up About Open Plan Offices 24/02/2020 Uncategorised, Insight, Partitioning
2020 Vision: What Lies Ahead? 31/01/2020 Uncategorised
Planet Moves into Total Solution with d line 27/01/2020 Uncategorised, News, Doorsets
Biophilic Design 21/01/2020 Uncategorised, News, Insight, Partitioning, Health & Safety
Planet Helps Transform Victorian Town Hall 17/12/2019 Uncategorised, News, Partitioning
Traditional Showrooms Drive Sales in the Digital Age 06/12/2019 Uncategorised, London, Partitioning
Our Changing City Scapes – How Do We Balance the Modern with the Traditional? 06/12/2019 Uncategorised, London, Insight
The Rise of the Informal Workspace: Is It a Good or Bad Thing? 05/12/2019 Uncategorised, Partitioning
Hit the Right Note with Acoustic Testing 05/12/2019 Uncategorised, Partitioning, Doorsets
A Present from Planet 02/12/2019 Uncategorised, News
Planet Partitioning Announce Partnership with d line 25/10/2019 Uncategorised, News, Doorsets
Technology in the Workplace 25/10/2019 Uncategorised, Partitioning, Doorsets
Maximise Wellbeing with Biophilic Design 07/08/2019 Uncategorised, News, Partitioning, Health & Safety
Natural Daylight the Top Priority in Office Design 07/08/2019 Uncategorised, News, Partitioning, Doorsets
Planet Continues Growth With Three New Office Openings 25/07/2019 A news category, London, News
Planet Announces New London Showroom 16/05/2019 Uncategorised, London, News, Partitioning, Doorsets
Well, well, well – Office acoustics and wellbeing 03/05/2019 Uncategorised, Partitioning, Health & Safety
Planet Creates Industrial Partitioning Chic With LOFT 01/05/2019 Uncategorised, Partitioning, Doorsets
Loads? What loads? 05/12/2018 Uncategorised, A news category, Insight, Partitioning, Fire Rated Systems
Celebrating 40 Years 21/11/2018 Uncategorised, News, Partitioning, Awards
Define your look – ‘Dynamic’ 02/11/2018 Uncategorised, News, Insight, Partitioning
Defining your look – industrial style 17/10/2018 Uncategorised, A news category, News, Insight, Partitioning
What makes a good fire door? 26/09/2018 Uncategorised, A news category, Fire Rated Systems, Doorsets
Partitioning’s Place in the Open Plan World 12/09/2018 Uncategorised, Insight, Partitioning
Women in Construction: An Image Problem 23/08/2018 Uncategorised, News, Insight
The Safe Way is the Best Way 10/08/2018 Uncategorised, Partitioning, Fire Rated Systems, Doorsets, Health & Safety
LOFT Brunch or Lunch Learning Sessions Hit the Midlands 08/05/2018 Uncategorised, Partitioning, Midlands
Get Creative with LOFT54 Panelled Glazing 03/04/2018 Uncategorised, A news category, News, Partitioning, Doorsets
Day in the Life, Planet Architectural Glass Design Manager, Shane Saunders 27/03/2018 A news category, News, Insight, Day in the Life
Designing for the Contemporary Workspace 20/03/2018 Uncategorised
Manchester Society of Architects Annual Dinner 13/03/2018 Uncategorised, North
Building for Equality under the Equality Act – Glazed Partitioning Screens and Doors – Part 2 06/03/2018 Uncategorised, A news category, Insight
Planet Partitioning Launch BIM Families for Entire Product Range 27/02/2018 Uncategorised, A news category
LOFT Lunch & Learn Hits the North 20/02/2018 Uncategorised, North, Partitioning
Building for Equality under the Equality Act – Glazed Partitioning Screens and Doors – Part 1 13/02/2018 Uncategorised, Insight
A Day in the Life – Planet Midland’s Business Development Manager, Rob Duncan 30/01/2018 Uncategorised, Day in the Life
Planet Partitioning Supports HSE’s Go Home Healthy Campaign 23/01/2018 Uncategorised, Insight, Health & Safety
Unloading Glass, Good Practice at Planet Partitioning 20/12/2017 Uncategorised, Insight, Health & Safety
The British Museum WCEC Building Awarded RIBA London 2017 Award 25/09/2017 News, Awards
A Day in the Life – Planet’s Associate Director, James Marchant 16/08/2017 News, Day in the Life
Planet Partitioning Welcomes Work Experience Students to our Head Office 18/07/2017 News, Insight
A Day in the Life – Planet Partitioning’s HR Manager, Claire Husbands 12/07/2017 Uncategorised, Day in the Life
Planet Partitioning Welcome Two new Directors to the Board 22/06/2017 Uncategorised, A news category, Insight
Introducing Planet Partitioning’s New Slimline Door: IsoTec 13/06/2017 Uncategorised, Doorsets
Impressive Curved Screen Atrium at GCU 25/04/2017 Uncategorised, North, News, Partitioning
For Maximum Protection with a Minimalist Frame, Choose Planet’s FireTec Doors & Screens 19/04/2017 Uncategorised, Insight, Fire Rated Systems, Doorsets
Planet Partitioning Start on Site at AHMM’s White Collar Factory 16/03/2017 London, Partitioning, Doorsets
Planet Partitioning secure contract for University of Oxford’s the Beecroft building 14/03/2017 News, West, Midlands
Planet Partitioning Acoustic Glass Walls on view at Manhattan Showroom 07/03/2017 News
Planet Completes Stunning Atrium at Ampersand 21/02/2017 London, News, Partitioning
Planet Partitioning’s Growth Recognised at Local Awards 21/02/2017 News, Insight, Awards
Planet secure Merrion House refurbishment in Leeds 15/02/2017 North, News, Partitioning, Doorsets
Planet Architectural Glass Design Atrium for Cathedral SQ in Guildford 07/02/2017 News, Partitioning
Planet Install Acoustic Partitioning at Scotland Yard 10/01/2017 London, News, Partitioning
Planet Partitioning’s Work at Santander is Front Page News 19/10/2016 Uncategorised, London, News, Partitioning
Planet Partitioning Supports Fire Door Safety Week 28/09/2016 Uncategorised, Fire Rated Systems
Planet Partitioning are Delighted to Welcome Apprentice 08/09/2016 Uncategorised, A news category
Tailored Product Designs by Planet Partitioning 08/09/2016 Uncategorised
Planet Partitioning Introduce Company Wide Health & Safety Initiatives 26/07/2016 Uncategorised, Health & Safety
Planet Partitioning Refurbish their London Showroom 19/07/2016 Uncategorised, London
Liverpool Exhibition Centre in wins Project of the Year for ISG 05/07/2016 Uncategorised, North
Expansion and Growth for Planet Partitioning’s Offices 30/06/2016 Uncategorised, News
Planet Partitioning Complete works at Santander Triton Sq 02/06/2016 Uncategorised, London, News, Partitioning
Considering Acoustics in Office Design 17/05/2016 Uncategorised, News, Insight
Introducing Planet’s Industrial Style Panelled Glazing 07/05/2016 Uncategorised, News, Partitioning
SLCE Architecture open Stunning London Office 03/05/2016 Uncategorised, London, News, Partitioning, Doorsets
RICS Awards 2016 Nominations 24/04/2016 Uncategorised, Awards
Planet Architectural Glass Utilise Access Cradles 19/04/2016 Uncategorised, News, Insight
Planet Partitioning Start Building Information Modelling Role-Out. 29/03/2016 Uncategorised, News, Insight
Planet North Complete Wellington Place, Leeds 22/03/2016 Uncategorised, North
Planet Partitioning Complete Work on Willmott Dixon’s ‘Milestone’ HS2 Office 15/03/2016 Uncategorised, Midlands
2016’s Hottest Office Design Trends 21/01/2016 Uncategorised, Insight
Year in Review – Planet Partitioning West, 2015 11/12/2015 Uncategorised, News, West
Year in Review, Planet Partitioning South, 2015 11/12/2015 Uncategorised, London
Year in Review – Planet Partitioning North, 2015 11/12/2015 Uncategorised, North, News
Year in Review – Planet Partitioning Midlands, 2015 11/12/2015 Uncategorised, News, Midlands
Planet Architectural Glass Introduce RIBA approved ‘The Glass Planet’ CPD. 28/10/2015 Uncategorised, News, Insight
British Council Office Awards 2015 13/10/2015 Uncategorised, News, Awards
Planet Partitioning Host Macmillan Coffee Morning 06/10/2015 Uncategorised, News
Sheffield Hallam University wins RIBA Yorkshire Awards 2015 22/09/2015 Uncategorised, North, Awards
Work Continues on The National Museum of Qatar 08/09/2015 Uncategorised, News
Completed Project – The Queen Elizabeth Teaching and Learning Centre at Stratified Medicine Scotland. 01/09/2015 Uncategorised, North
Planet Partitioning Acquire new 3D Printer 19/08/2015 Uncategorised, News, Insight
Willesden Green Cultural Centre and Library 04/08/2015 Uncategorised, London, News
Planet Partitioning Complete Ampersand’s Stunning New Atria 08/07/2015 Uncategorised, London, News, Partitioning, Fire Rated Systems, Doorsets
Planet Partitioning Appoints New Health & Safety Director 16/06/2015 Uncategorised, Health & Safety
Another win for Planet Partitioning at the FIS Awards 10/06/2015 Uncategorised, News, Awards
Planet Partitioning Find Success in Scotland 02/06/2015 Uncategorised, North, News
Stunning Atrium Glazing at Imperial College London 12/05/2015 Uncategorised, London, News
Planet Partitioning Release RIBA Approved CPD 26/04/2015 Uncategorised, News, Insight
Achieve Simulated Stainless Steel with Planet Partitioning 15/04/2015 Uncategorised, Insight
Utilising Demountable Partitioning 19/03/2015 Uncategorised, Partitioning, West
Is it time to re-think your office layout? 11/02/2015 Uncategorised, Insight
Battersea Power Station Development 06/01/2015 Uncategorised, London, Partitioning