Planet partitioning LOFT Brunch or Lunch Learning Sessions Hit the Midlands

LOFT Brunch or Lunch Learning Sessions Hit the Midlands

The popularity of our Specification Manager, Priti Gadani’s, ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions, throughout the North of England, has led to her extending her tour to the Midlands.

With the choice of two sessions, ‘Brunch & Learn’ (30 minutes) or ‘Lunch & Learn’ (an hour), these informative, interactive presentations on Planet Partitioning’s new  LOFT range, are given to Architect and Design practices in an informal group setting, over a complimentary pastry or lunch.

The presentations cover the three options available in the LOFT range:

LOFT20 – single glazed, slim partitioning screens, with banding applied.

LOFT54 – available in both single and double glazed – LOFT allows you to choose from traditional banded glazing, or a true mullion and transom installation method.

LOFT100 – a single or double glazed system for when acoustics are a priority.

Information is also given on acoustic ratings, detail drawings and 3D renderings, enabling participants to fully understand the range and its utilisation possibilities, ready for specification.

If your practice is in the Midlands area and you are interested in holding or attending a LOFT Brunch, or Lunch & Learn session, please contact Priti on: or mobile: 07841 921639 or click here.  You can also visit our profile on the RIBA site.