Introducing Planet Partitioning’s New Slimline Glass Door: IsoTec

Introducing Planet Partitioning’s New Slimline Door: IsoTec

IsoTec, the newest introduction into Planet’s product range, is an extreme slimline framed door with a clean aesthetic look and impressive acoustic performance.

The challenge for Planet’s in-house Design Team was to create a glazed door with the sharp visual impact of a frameless system, whilst achieving the structural benefits of a framed one, as well as a strong acoustic capability and commercial acceptance.

Planet is proud to announce the new product which excels in all of its design requirements and enables a high-performance system to be installed with an ultra-modern feel, due to the expansive amount of glass on show.

The slimline perimeter is a mere 1.58mm thick but is sufficient from ‘edge-to-edge’ impacts or glass shattering incidents that may otherwise be caused by debris getting caught at the base of the door.

With the added benefit of being more visible to the visually impaired, due to the clear distinction between the door frame and partitioning, this system is a great prospect for public areas.

IsoTec doors can be fitted with either pull or lever handles and the partition framework, doorframe, door leaf perimeter frame and ironmongery, including drop-down seal, can be finished in one colour to ensure maximum coordination and a sleek finish. Alternatively, the ever popular industrial-style, panelled glazing effect, is a further option, with aluminium trims sitting in the same plane as the perimeter framework, providing a flush finish.

The added acoustic advantage of this slender frame, is the achievement of up to 34dB Rw (in British Standard Testing), an impressive result considering the slim frame, making it the perfect solution for meeting rooms and commercial offices.

The IsoTec door is now ready to be specified and, with a quick 3-week lead time from order, makes it ideally suited to fast track projects.

For further information including a tech spec, please visit the IsoTec page here.