Health & Safety at Planet Partitioning

The Safe Way is the Best Way

Since the introduction of the new Sentencing Guidelines for Health & Safety offences, we have seen some significant fines being imposed on construction firms. Law firm, BLM, calculated that the average fine in 2016-17 was £126,000, more than double what it had been the year before. Furthermore, the personal liability for directors is onerous, with the threat of custodial sentences for very serious offences. All of which mean that Health & Safety is being taken even more seriously than before.

At Planet we have recently invested in a glass processing facility which has made us take a fresh look at all of our Health & Safety procedures. We are targeting manual handling as a core risk and adapting our procedures and training. Up to date processing equipment coupled with specific manual handling equipment will reduce the manual handling required in the manufacturing process. It’s now a board level priority with all our directors having Health & Safety objectives. Our mantra has become that the safe way is the most efficient way!

Health & Safety has even found its way into our product development. LOFT, a panel glazing system, is one of our newer products. One of the benefits of the LOFT system is that it is made up of smaller, more manageable panels of glass. Smaller panels make manual handling easier both during manufacturing and installation. Panels can be easily replaced without a need for hoists or complex equipment. This benefits both our operatives and also the end user whose manual handling risk is also reduced.

It is a priority at Planet that we are ensuring that Health & Safety will not be compromised for other objectives. Our FireTec doors were designed first and formerly to offer exceptional fire integrity to comply with Health & Safety regulations. FireTec doors balance premium fire protection with stunning aesthetics, without compromising performance.

Whilst Health & Safety may at face value seem onerous, we’ve found that the discipline has made us more efficient and has even saved us money. For more detail on our Health & Safety procedures, click here.