Planet's HR Manager

A Day in the Life – Planet Partitioning’s HR Manager, Claire Husbands

My role as HR Manager for Planet Partitioning is a very varied and interesting role. No two days are ever exactly the same. From recruitment to leavers and everything people related in between, we deal with all aspects of the employment life cycle, and all HR Policies and Procedures.

After checking through emails, my first task of the day is to pull together the ‘people’ section of the Management Information Report. This is a monthly report collating information on Key Performance Indicators across the business. I provide statistics on headcount, diversity of workforce, turnover and sickness absence. The Directors then review this data and use it to identify that the business is performing to the right level.

Following this I move on to issuing contracts and reviewing job descriptions for some members of staff in our Midlands and West teams who have changed or altered their roles. In addition, I also issue an offer letter and job description to a candidate who has just been successful in being selected for an Estimator position in our Planet North team. The HR database also needs to be updated to reflect the changes.

Another priority is to work on drafting employment contracts for staff working at Heathrow Airport. The Company have secured a number of projects at Heathrow and we need to employ supervisory and fitting staff to work nightshifts to carry out the work there. There are specific terms and conditions that must be incorporated into the contracts for these staff in order to make the contracts compliant with Heathrow rules and regulations.

I also spend some time checking recruitment agency terms for a manager and sending out letters to staff who have successfully completed their probationary periods during the month. I also work on pulling together a timetable for three work experience students that are going to be joining us at the beginning of July

One of the final activities of the day includes collating and reviewing some of the appraisals that have so far been forwarded to me by managers who have conducted appraisals for their members of staff. The Company is currently in the process of carrying out annual appraisals for employees to discuss performance over the previous year and set targets and objectives for the year ahead.

This ends my working day and provides a snapshot of a ‘typical’ day in the life of an HR Manager. However, as with any job in which people are involved, it is difficult to describe or predict a ‘normal’ day as things can change by the hour!