Considering Acoustics in Office Design

If you follow Planet Partitioning on Twitter you may have seen us tweeting an article by Spec Finish Magazine. Titled: ‘Consider acoustics from the start’ by Paul Thompson the article explores the need for acoustics in the modern office.

Thompson spoke to several experts in the Workspace Interior Design field, all of them agreeing on one main theme: employee comfort, satisfaction and productivity rely on good acoustics, providing the environment for employees to work without constant distraction.

However, with property prices rising across the UK, especially in the cities, companies are keen to get maximum numbers of staff for their office footprint, resulting in cramped spaces and the rise of typical everyday office noises, typing, photo-copy machines and chatter are becoming an issue to productivity.

When open plan offices first became the vogue, the idea of a team sharing space and being able to chat freely meant that ideas flowed. Whilst this is still the case on the other side it means staff are becoming increasingly distracted. Joe Cilia, Technical Manager at FIS estimates it takes the average worker 15 mins to get back into their task after being distracted by noise, causing large corporations to potentially lose months of inactive working time.

As we mentioned in our blog on 2016 office trends back in January, the recent fashion for large open plan offices are shifting back to smaller sectioned off spaces providing staff with privacy and a quiet space to work. Thompson points out:
“While sounding the death knell for the open plan office might be a little over the top, modern office design has evolved considerably from the traditional office environment, and it continues to do so”.

A combination of our high acoustic glass partitioning and doors can solve the issue of a calm working environment yet maintain a clean spacious feel, especially if you are working with a smaller space. Our Planet100 System is available in both single and double glazed and provides up to 54dBrw. Teamed with our SonoTec glass swing door, giving you full visual transparency and 40dBRw acoustic privacy this system provides the best acoustics in the market.

Anthony Brown the Sales & Marketing Director at BW, who has clients such as Amazon and Coca-Cola, suggests hiring an acoustic consultant for any office fit-out. These experts contribute vastly and can improve the acoustics across the whole office, taking everything from flooring to ceiling tiles into consideration.

As space within offices continues to be an issue for the majority of commercial buildings, it is now vital to consider acoustics from the start of any fit-out.

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