Achieve Simulated Stainless Steel with Planet Partitioning

Achieve Simulated Stainless Steel with Planet

Stainless steel has long been the desired aesthetic look for both interior design and architecture. However, its tendency to have round corners and stain over long periods if exposed to the elements doesn’t always make it the right choice in construction. Planet Partitioning has managed to find the perfect alternative, which gives the same high shine silver appearance of stainless steel but has all the ease of use benefits of aluminium.

Simulated Stainless Steel provides our customers with a high performance product, which incorporates all the advantages of aluminium, but retains the polished look of stainless steel.
By polishing and brushing the aluminium to give the effect of stainless steel we can then use the SSS for our partitioning sections, melting and shaping the metal to provide a precise edges, slim partition extrusions and seamless corner details.

The SSS finish on aluminium is a five step process:
1. Linishing of all visible faces of material – this is a mechanical process to provide the similar look to a brushed stainless steel component
2. Chemical Brightening of the aluminium – This is a polishing or “micro-smoothing” process to increase the lustre of the component
3. Anodising – Standard anodising finish to provide suitable base for colour
4. Electrolytic tin bath – Colour adding process
5. Hot water seal – Seals the anodic film.

Once completed, the aluminium has the appearance of stainless steel and can be applied to any Planet partition products. For more information on our Simulated Stainless Steel products please contact us.